What educational qualifications are required to apply for the post?

Ans.: The basic requirement for the job is that the person must acquire minimum bachelor's degree and must know the basic fundamentals of Information Technology.

Will I be given job assistance ?

Ans: Yes, job assistance will be provided to interested candidates. After completion of the course get in touch with our staff to get more information.

What can I learn from this training?

Ans.: In the whole duration of this training course, you will be able to learn the entire recruitment life cycle from basics to advance. All sessions are designed keeping your needs in mind to grow your sourcing skills and to make you strong in all steps of recruitment. Training is purely focused on building your skills for recruiting top talents. It will make you learn how you get requirements, fetch resumes, analyzing requirements, conducting interview and matching key skills of the consultants with the requirements and how to submit those consultants for the projects.

What will be the job location?

Ans.: Most of times recruiters don't need to relocate for this job but it vary from company to company whether they want recruiter to work remotely or from their place.

Who is eligible for this post?

Ans.: Anyone whopossesses a minimum of bachelor's degree or has related experience in recruitment field is ideal for this job. Also person must have basic IT knowledge and good communication and social networking skills.

Is it required to have technical background?

Ans.: It will be a plus if the person has technical background but it's not must. So, anyone having basic IT knowledge is eligible for this post.

What basic skills are required to apply for the position?

Ans.: Anyone who possesses these skills can apply for the post...

  • Basic Information Technology skills
  • Social Networking skills
  • And Good Communication skills

This training will help to nourish these skills and make you perfect in recruitment.

Is it required to be experienced or freshers can also apply for IT recruiter job?

Ans.: After taking this training, you will be able to learn recruiting life cycle. Our team will also help in job assistance and mock interviews. Yes, freshers after taking this training can apply for IT/Technical recruiter jobs. Experienced recruiters can learn new techniques and enhance their skills through this training.

What is the career scope for a Technical Recruiter?

Ans.: Today, most of the career employments are in the field of Information Technology independent of the industry verticals. Because all the verticals require IT services and the demand is increasing so wild. So, to hire IT professionals for those industries, technical recruiter is required and hence there is a huge career scope for a technical recruiter. Also, they can earn handsome salary with high incentives.

Will I be assisted in mock interviews ?

Ans: Yes, our staff will help in preparation for mock interviews to interested candidates. After completion of your course, get in touch with our staff for more information.

Why this training is required?

Ans.: This training is developed by staffing experts and cover all aspects of technical recruiting. There are various sessions in this training that will help a lot to understand and build your recruiting career.